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It’s Our Turn Radio Show with Special Guest Nancy Merz Nordstrom, Author of “Learning Later, Living Greater”

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

It's Our Turn

One of Nancy Merz Nordstrom’s many mottos is “It’s never too late to be what you might have been,” by George Elliot.  And Nancy knows this first-hand.

Nancy Merz NordstromAs a 48-year-old wife and mother of four, she was working as a secretary and raising her family, when her husband unexpectedly passed away.

Her whole life turned upside down. Suddenly she was looking at a vastly different future from the one she had always envisioned. Her secretarial job paid the bills, but did not feed her soul. Nancy muddled along, however, trying to make sense of her new life.

It wasn’t until she decided to go back to school at age 51, that Nancy recaptured her life. Being back in school did more for her than grief therapy, personal counseling, or the passage of time could do. It gave Nancy back, not just her life, but a new and enhanced life.

She emerged from school two years later, full of joy, zest and enthusiasm, and with a Masters Degree in education. Using her newfound passion – the power of lifelong learning for older adults – Nancy found her perfect job as the Director of the Elderhostel Institute Network, (, a national network of almost 400 lifelong learning programs across the United States and Canada. Now this is a job that really feeds her soul!

Since then Nancy has been following her bliss. In the process, she remarried at age 55, went to work for herself at age 58, and at age 61, authored her first book, “Learning Later, Living Greater: The Secret for Making the Most of Your After-50 Years.”Nancy Merz Nordstrom Book "Learning Later, Living Greater"

“Learning Later, Living Greater” introduces readers to the ideas and benefits of later-life learning. It challenges people to become involved in meaningful new avenues of productivity: learning for the sheer joy of learning something new, educational travel, volunteerism, civic action, and more. It shows them how to stay mentally and spiritually young. “Learning Later, Living Greater” is the guidebook for transforming the after-work years into a richly satisfying period of personal growth and social involvement.

Today, at age 65, Nancy is busier than ever, directing the Elderhostel Institute Network, marketing her book, doing radio interviews, TV shows, and speaking engagements, while authoring articles and columns for various Internet web sites. Her newest endeavor, an online course on how to find life satisfaction using the tools of learning, exploring and serving, will begin this month on the DailyOm website –

Nancy’s work gives her life real purpose, a daily challenge, and lots of outside contact and stimulation. She feels truly blessed and grateful that she has a wonderful family, three gorgeous grandchildren, a terrific and supportive husband, and work about which she feel very passionate.

Another of Nancy’s favorite expressions, “To be able to look back on one’s life in satisfaction, is to live twice,” by Kalil Gibran, guides her life now.

Nancy’s book can be found in bookstores, at or on her web site at You can reach Nancy at

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Kate Sanner

Host of “It’s Our Turn” Radio Show

CEO and Founder of Vivacity

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Many Thanks to “Entering the Age of Elegance” and Author Chloe JonPaul – Sponsor of “A Jumping-Off Point”

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

“Thanks to Chloe Jon Paul, women finally have a practical guide to planning their fabulous journey into their Age of Elegance. Pack your bag and travel wisely and well as a maturing modern woman. You won’t find a better road map anywhere to help you through the sometimes confusing labyrinth of second adulthood. Give this book to friends, family, and even the men in your life. Let them travel with you. You will be glad you did.”

-Dr. Dorree Lynn, Psychologist, Media Personality, Founder/Editor of

EnteringtheAgeofEleganceThirty-eight million baby boomer women have already entered the Age of Elegance, which is a new stage of life with a new identity. More will follow; yet many of these 40+ women are making this journey without any real advance planning. Many of them don’t even think of themselves as “elegant” but this transition into the second half of their lives can take place with style and grace.

Now think F-A-S-T: *format *approach *style *tempo

These are the key elements which make this book original. It is written as a travel guide filled with valuable information that will whet the reader’s appetite to explore resources in detail on the topics featured in the book. The Table of Contents provides such curiosity-evoking subtitles as Change Your “Oil Filter, The FGA Quotient, The F-Word You Need to Use, The 10 Commandments of Aging Motherhood, and Think MSN, Beyond Support Pantyhose, and Just heard It through the Grapevine.

The author has networked with more than 25 leading women’s organizations across the nation and feedback on the book has been overwhelmingly positive.

Buy the book from the author, Chloe JonPaul, at:

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An Interview with Chloe JonPaul, Author of Entering the Age of Elegance

Friday, June 5th, 2009

In her book “Entering the Age of Elegance: A Rite of Passage & Practical Guide for the Modern Maturing Woman”, author Chloe JonPaul brings women a wealth of resources and valuable information as they enter into midlife and beyond.

To order Chloe’s Book, go to or or ask your local bookseller to order for you.

To listen, click here:

Empowering Women To Explore & Live Their Passions: An Interview with Dotsie Bregel, Founder of the National Association of Baby Boomer Women (NABBW)

Monday, September 3rd, 2007

Kate Sanner interviews Dotsie Bregel, Founder of NABBW, and, the # 1 site on all search engines for Baby Boomer women. Dotsie is a writer, speaker and expert on all issues concerning her generation of women and is the go-to person for those interested in learning more about Baby Boomer Women.

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