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A Jumping-Off Point Radio Show with Guest Stephanie Calahan of Calahan Solutions, Inc.

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011
  • Does the success (or survival) of your business depend on your ability to get things done?
  • Do you waste time looking for information you need for important client meetings?
  • Is lack of organization putting a strain on your bottom line?
  • Do you feel that you could keep up if you just had a good system?
  • Are you ready for some help?

If the answer to these questions is YES!, then this interview with my guest Stephanie Calahan of Calahan Solutions, Inc. is a MUST LISTEN!

Stephanie LH Calahan works with intelligent, highly motivated, busy entrepreneurs, executives, producers and other professionals to teach them how to do more with their time, space and information.  She believes that life is meant to be lived and that fabulous vision combined with practical systems can make that happen very quickly. As the creator of a number of programs, she focuses on helping you identify solutions for the way you think and work.

Stephanie LH Calahan - Personal and Business Productivity Adviser - Calahan Solutions IncStephanie is the founder of Calahan Solutions, Inc. and is a business/office and personal productivity adviser. She has been consulting large (fortune 100) and small (self-employed) businesses since 1995.  Through her consulting and training business, she helps you to accelerate your business profits using an integrated productivity and organization strategy. After applying her proven productivity methods, clients typically experience a significant decreases in stress and errors as well as a significant increases in goal accomplishment and smooth business flow which results in higher profits.

She frequently delivers transformative presentations at conferences and workshops about business and personal productivity and how to gain focus so your business can grow and prosper.  She writes regularly on 2 productivity and organization blogs, has authored several productivity programs, and is a contributing author on several online outlets.  You can find her primary blog at

She tells us that there is more than anyone should ever want to know about her including her background, community involvement, awards and personal journey, etc. on

Are you LIVING your life or just going through the motions?  You CAN make the most of your time, information, processes, technology and ideas.  As a lover of social media, Stephanie invites you to connect with her on a site(s) of your choosing.  You can find her inventory of connections: availability calendar, blog, LinkedIN, Facebook, Twitter and more at .

“You don’t have to do it our way, because we help you find your way!™”

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Kate Sanner

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A Jumping-Off Point Radio Show with Guest Kathryn Yarborough, Founder of the Center for Embodied Consciousness and Creator of the “How to Attract Clients E-Course”

Monday, November 29th, 2010

Kathryn Yarborough

Welcome to Vivacity’s radio show “A Jumping-Off Point”, the show that brings women small business owners and solo-professionals the tools and resources they need to enhance their success.

Kathryn Yarborough is a manifestation coach, dance/movement therapist, integrative breathworker, and the founder and director of the Center for Embodied Consciousness in Columbia, Maryland.

For the past five years, she has taught helping professionals and conscious business owners how to do the inner work of activating the Law of Attraction and the outer work of relationship focused marketing to attract clients.

She has created an audio e-course called “How to Attract Clients: A Heart Based Approach to Growing Your Private Practice or Conscious Business” that will be available starting November 30, 2010.

The How to Attract Clients E-course is a self-directed process that includes:

  • Over 10 hours of audio recordings of lectures and guided exercises(downloadable MP3 files)
  • A 109 page Study Guide with worksheets, handouts, and more


To learn more about Kathryn’s E-Course, click on the following hyperlink:

How to Attract Clients E-Course

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Kate Sanner

Host of “A Jumping-Off Point” Radio Show

CEO and Founder of Vivacity

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